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Story of The Suicide Squad

Release Date: Augustth July

The Suicide Squad will be the next movie from DC Films and fans couldn't be more excited, as the film is directed by James Gunn, director of Guardians of the Galaxy. The synopsis anticipates how the supervillains held in Bell Reve, the most dangerous and deadly prison in the United States, are recruited to carry out an impossible mission against an imaginable threat: Starro, "the conqueror of worlds."
Year    :   2021
By    :   United Atates of America
Slogan    :   «Some assembly required»
Genre    :   Action, Adventure, Comedy, Sci-Fi
Time    :   2h 12min. / 2:12
Budget    :   $250 000 000
Age    :   13+

Rating:   IMDb  / 8.5

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Comparisons are hateful, but unavoidable. With the premiere of ‘The Suicide Squad’ by James Gunn on August 6, it is impossible not to remember how five years ago another DC Comics movie, ‘Suicide Squad’ by David Ayer, tried to win over fans, critics and the public. box office with very little fortune. Will Gunn achieve better results with his ‘troupe’ of super villains turned superheroes? And also, which one will be considered the best film between the two? For actors like Joel Kinnaman, who has played the same character in both productions, the question answers itself.

The actor, who returns to give life to Rick Flag in the DC universe has declared in Entertainment Weekly: “We had an incredible experience when shooting the first movie. Some of the people I met in that movie are still some of my closest friends. So the squad, I mean, we’re still texting each other, “it starts, and the ‘but’ comes:” But the vision of what was going to Being that movie wasn’t clear to everyone. It wasn’t like the producers, the filmmaker, the studio, all had the same vision. There were conflicting perspectives on what that movie was going to be, and sometimes with these big budgets, in In big studio movies, people start shooting from different directions and then it really doesn’t end anywhere. I feel like that’s what happened with the first ‘Suicide Squad.

Kinnaman explains that Ayer wanted to do “something much darker,” as seen in Jared Leto’s portrayal of the Joker, and the studio was looking for “something that was much more entertaining.” And in the collision was the problem. “And then I think they almost tried to reshape the movie to make it look more like the trailer, so there was a complete split,” says the actor, who believes that, in Gunn’s case, this has not been a problem. And that’s why ‘The Suicide Squad’ will be better than its predecessor.

Why? Kinnaman believes that James Gunn has succeeded in hitting what he lacked in 2016: a coherent and shared vision. The reviews published so far confirm this. The film has received almost universally positive reviews and currently boasts a 97% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Kinnaman reveals that he is much happier with ‘The Suicide Squad’ compared to the previous one. “When I saw the whole movie, I felt, yeah, this was the movie we set out to make,” he says. “In this movie, the producers trusted who James is, everyone has confidence in his vision. It was a pleasure shooting the movie and what you see is a lot of the script, but then I was surprised [because] there seemed to be more layers than what I was expecting. I didn’t see [in the script] the emotional depths that I felt were unpretentiously woven into the film. Obviously, I am not very unbiased on this issue, but I felt that it made the film transcend the genre, and the great spectacle of the himself, and he did something that was also a true work of art. ”

On his part, David Ayer has recently spoken about his ‘Suicide Squad’ montage, insisting that the movie we saw is not the one he had in mind. And also that he will not stop fighting for his version to come out.

  • Director: James Gunn
  • Writers: Margot Robbie, Idris Elba, John Cena
  • Production companies: Atlas Entertainment, DC Comics, DC Entertainment
  • Country: Germany, United States of America, United Kingdom Production


The Suicide Squad came out on the right foot as it has been receiving generally positive reviews and performing well at the box office, and has in fact been revealed to be the DCEU’s highest-rated film to date.

For a brief period after its release, The Suicide Squad had a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, but as more reviews came in, that number dropped a bit. But even so, at the time of publishing this note, James Gunn’s film has a 96% on the Tomatometer based on 93 reviews, which gives it the “Fresh” certificate.

In this way and based on the percentage of Rotten Tomatoes, The Suicide Squad is the DCEU film with the best reviews, since with 96% it is placed above the rest of the DCEU films such as Wonder Woman (93%), Shazam ! (90%), Birds of Prey (And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) (79%), Zack Snyder’s Justice League (71%), Aquaman (65%), Wonder Woman 1984 (59%), Man of Steel (56%), Justice League (40%), Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (28%), and Suicide Squad (26%).

The last mentioned film is striking, since the previous Suicide Squad had a terrible reception with 28%, and James Gunn was in charge of this new version that has had a much better performance.

The Suicide Squad is available in theaters and later will come to HBO Max, and in this link you can read our review of the film from Warner Bros. and DC Films.

Deploying the entire arsenal of the cinematographic device, James Gunn builds in the proposal a dynamic adventure of the most incorrect antiheroes of the DC universe to also reflect on the political, economic and social domination of third world countries.

A group of outsider villains are summoned to fulfill a mission that would allow them, in this way, to reduce their sentences, which, in many cases, would have them behind bars for life. Thus, they disembark in Corto Maltés, a fictional island where a sinister control plan from the Nazi era must be thwarted. But it will not be easy since in addition to dealing with a group of local guerrillas who seek to rise to power and overthrow the dictator who dominates them, they will have to measure themselves with their comrades.

Gunn unfolds his knowledge of the genre and enhances it with visual pyrotechnics, using slow speeds, tracking shots and constant camera movements that draw an eclectic narrative that does not stop. Because it is not his idea to awaken reflection, on the contrary, he only wants to develop a dizzying pace to follow one of the central characters in the event that he chooses to opt for it.

Explosive film, in which the forgettable predecessor film that sought to position itself as an irreverent example of the comic, The Suicide Squad (2021), is never mentioned, justifies each overflow and explosion with an infinity of gags that resignify each step from the script.

There is also an aggiornamiento of memorable cinematic sequences of classic films, which in reinventing itself from ironic consumption, position the proposal as great entertainment without even measuring the consequences of what it is doing. As an example, the initial landing on the island, by a first group of the squad, is enough to rework the war cinema and its possible more fundamentalist readings.

And in the midst of the entertainment, between fireworks and dizzying action and fight scenes, the script poses in the caricature of Silvio Luna (Juan Diego Botto), dictator of Corto Maltés, a reflection on the bloody past of the region, where men Unscrupulous, responding to the interests of central countries, they carried out a bloody feat in the name of morals and good manners.

Special mention for Gunn’s decision that Corto Maltés is a non-place, but that it has an “Argentine” accent, not only in the proliferation of “jerks” in the dialogues, but in the profusion of cultural and social references throughout the footage , with a skating Mafalda hanging from the rearview mirror of the vehicle the squad uses to infiltrate the city, the Fernet as an official holiday drink, to name just a few of the references.

The films Suicide Squad, Birds of Prey, Joker, Batman: The Dark Knight, among others, have generated a lot of empathy among the public; Harley Quinn and the Joker, at the comic level, one of the spoiled ones is King Shark and that is why it is part of the film The Suicide Squad, by James Gunn, whose voice is courtesy of Sylverster Stallone. It is about the fearsome white shark created by Karl Kesel in 1994 to give Superboy problems in his series and, from there, was integrated into the story The Flash, Aquaman, Batman and the Justice League.

It all begins in Superboy number zero, after the Kryptonian clone’s fight with Sidearm, in the Kulani prison, Hawaii, a Silicon Dragons commando free King Shark with the intention of making him their slave, what they never imagined is that the son Shark God, The King of all Sharks, and Kaikea, an aumakua goddess, is an indomitable beast and was not born to serve anyone, killing with a single bite the two lackeys sent by Lady Dragon, leader of the marine organization It has haunted the Hawaiian Islands since its formation.

His biography took nine issues to be counted, it was until Superboy # 9 when it was revealed that King Shark’s name is Nanaue, a shark terrorizing the beaches of the islands much in the style of the movie Jaws, by Steven Spielberg. But since he always hangs out with the bad guys, Kon-El defeats him and sends him to S.T.A.R. Labs to serve his sentence while in prison they rebuild his marine cell, here is the connection to be part of arcs of The Flash and the Flashpoint event.

Its powers are the same as a great white shark, only exaggerated to Hawaiian mythology: superhuman strength, impenetrable skin, bite of tons of force and razor-sharp teeth, ability to breathe, walk and live out of water, marine telepathy and ability to communicate with other sea creatures, characteristics that naturally posited him to be another antagonist in the life of Arthur Curry.

At first, King Shark pretends to serve as Aquaman’s shield on his way to becoming the King of Atlantis, a dirty mission granted by his father the Shark God, who asks him to gain enough confidence to get close to the Queen’s son. Atlanna and assassinate him, which never happens, on the contrary, he is defeated, imprisoned and tortured for three years by the Atlantean guardians and members of the Thorny Crown, the network that defends Atlantis against any threat. King Shark manages to escape eventually.

Compared to the Peacemaker and Bloodsport, Nanaue was recruited by Amanda Waller to the Suicide Squad from Superboy # 13, when the threat of the Silicon Dragons turned serious, adding Deadshot, Captain Boomerang, Knockout, Sidearm, Sam Makoa and Superboy , an arc of three numbers of pure action under the sea titled Aquatic Tomb, where the squad not only faces Lady Dragon, but her sidekick the mercenary Stinger. Nanaue returned to the Suicide Squad until Vol. 4 in 2011 and in the Harley Quinn animated series, available on HBO Max.

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